An Odd Sort of Compliment

Last Friday I did an assembly line with the boys…haircuts, baths, clean clothes, and then everybody went out to the woods for pictures.
Today I went to the store to get the pictures developed (I am long overdue sending out updated ones to the family).
As I stood at the picture machine, the photo department lady caught her breath and briskly said, “where did you get these taken?”. I replied that I had taken them. She then called her manager over and they agreed that I should sign a form agreeing that I would pay any damages should the “copyright owner” decide to sue the store for violating the law.
Well, I am the copyright owner, so I don’t think there’s any danger of that.
But I chose to take this as a compliment that my photography practice is starting to pay off.
Here’s my favorite:

6 thoughts on “An Odd Sort of Compliment

  1. Great picture of Jonathan! Now, what do you have the other kids doing when you take pictures of one of them? That’s always my problem.I hate it when you’re telling the truth about something you are good at and people think you’re making it up!


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