In the Mood for some Shopping?

If you have any little ones to buy for this Christmas, here’s a great list of places to start looking for gifts. As parents, David and I are generally in favor of any toys that are wooden, sturdy, and don’t have Disney characters plastered all over them.

Moms, are there any I’ve left out? Leave a comment and I’ll amend the list.

5 thoughts on “In the Mood for some Shopping?

  1. Magic Cabin Dolls are a favorite around here – even though we don’t have girls. The sword and shield sets are much used and loved and very sturdy. I think they are a sister company of Heartsong. I also like ChildCraft which is sort of like Rainbow. We purchased our wooden blocks there – the 104 Unit block set. We also love Lee Valley for gifts for little kids AND big kids. I also spend time on Amazon – that’s were we found our Quadrilla set last year. I have also ordered direct from PlayMobil and Brio (they have great sturdy buckets for tots). BUT our favorite place to go is OP Taylor’s – a local toy store in David’s home town of Brevard. John Taylor the owner is the Biggest Kid I’ve ever met, and just going to look at the train sets are fun. If I’m not mistaken he also has a shop in Greenville, SC which is closer. My Mom has also gotten the boys a few nice things at Mast General Store and Cracker Barrell of all places!


  2. We have girls and we are MILITANTLY anti-Disney around here. And it’s worked out great, incidently.We’re big Magic Cabin fans (Aising even has a Waldorf doll that looks like her that I made for her sixth birthday). I’d also add Chinaberry for books.We’re blessed with a great old-fashioned toy store here in Worcester. Can I put in a plug here for everyone looking around and investing in their local family businesses?


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