I just had the cutest conversation with Andrew (our own AP) about this song…

The chorus goes:
So, sing out with joy for the brave little boy
Who was God, but He made Himself nothing
Well He gave up His pride and He came here to die like a man

Andrew: Mom, who is the brave little boy?
Mom: Jesus was the brave little boy!
Andrew: Oh. How old is He?
Mom (mind swirling with possible theological implications of any answer to that question: Eternal sonship? Trinitarian implications?): He came here as a little tiny baby and grew up into a boy and then a man!
Andrew: But how old was He?
Mom: Well, at one time He was three, just like you!
Andrew, with a look of delighted surprise: Like me?! Wow! But how old is He?
Mom (considering the tenacious nature of her son in a positive light): Well, he was a baby, and then he was a boy, and then he grew up to be a man, and when He was thirty-three, He died on the cross and rose again and went to be with God in Heaven!

Andrew is finally satisfied with that answer. 🙂

It reminded me of the Rich Mullins song, “Boy Like Me/Man Like You”:

You was a baby like I was once
You was cryin‘ in the early mornin
You was born in a stable Lord
Reid Memorial is where I was born
They wrapped You in swaddling clothes
Me they dressed in baby blue

I was twelve years old in the meeting house
Listening to the old men pray
And I was tryin‘ hard to figure out
What it was that they was tryin‘ to say
There You were in the temple
They said You weren’t old enough
To know the things You knew

Well, did You grow up hungry?
Did You grow up fast?
Did the little girls giggle when You walked past?
Did You wonder what it was
That made them laugh?
Did they tell You stories
’bout the saints of old?
Stories about their faith?
They say stories like that make a boy grow bold
Stories like that make a man walk straight

You was a boy like I was once
But was You a boy like me
Well, I grew up around Indiana
You grew up around Galilee
And if I ever really do grow up
Lord I want to grow up and be just like You

Did You wrestle with a dog and lick his nose?

Did You play beneath the spray
Of a water hose?
Did You ever make angels in the winter snow?
Did You ever get scared
Playing hide and seek?
Did You try not to cry
When You scraped Your knee?
Did You ever skip a rock across a quiet creek?

And I really may just grow up

And be like You someday

By the way, that little three-year-old is at this moment running with glee around the house, having recently realized that corduroy pants whistle when you walk. I wonder if the boy Jesus ever did that?

4 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. Man, I want to be a mom like you, Kelly Sue, seriously! Tell me how! 🙂 I really admire the way you weave your faith into everyday life with your kids and how they have such a lovely curiousity about Christ…and how you’re always ready with a wise answer!


  2. love this story and that songI remember you running around with corduroy pants and walking funny so they wouldn’t make noise. is that a difference in boys and girls(among a million others)?


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