The Feast, Day One — by the numbers

I went to the store this morning and got everything on my list. I wonder what I forgot, because there’s always something. I did make sure to get some new shoes, because that’s key for a good meal (*snort*). My only black flats up until now actually looked like Pilgrim shoes, and while that might look festive on Thursday, on any other day of the year they look downright frumpy. And they never quite fit right.

  • 26 — people expected, ourselves included…about a third of these people are under the age of eight.
  • 2 — turkeys expected. I’m doing one and my friend Joanne is doing another, and we’ll both reap the wonderful leftover benefits.
  • 22 — pounds in my turkey. I’ve named her Gertrude. She’s been in the fridge since Saturday evening.
  • 18 — pounds in Joanne’s turkey. See what I mean about leftovers?
  • 9:00 — is the Macy’s parade. I always turn it on early, thinking maybe I missed it. Has it always started at 9? I remember wiping the sleep out of my eyes while watching it on my grandmother’s little black-and-white TV on Thanksgiving mornings in my childhood. Was I really that late a sleeper? (the answer here is “Yes, you were. That’s why we always made fun of you for sleeping in at the farm and not going out to do chores with your grandfather like your sister did.”)
  • 1 — table, I hope. We’re going to do our best to have everybody together.
  • 8 — leeks in my refrigerator. I only needed six, but they were sold in bunches of four. What should I do with the other two?

Today I’m making a Chocolate Truffle torte for David to take with him to his company potluck tomorrow. It has hazelnuts and LOTS of chocolate in it.

This year I’ll be making the same thing as the past two years: New England Sausage, Apple, and Dried Cranberry Stuffing, and Roast Turkey with Maple Herb Butter and Gravy.

6 Responses to “The Feast, Day One — by the numbers”

  1. Shawnda

    And WE are VERY excited to spend this time with you!!!! Thanks for letting us join you! It’s a TRUE TREAT for us!!!!


  2. Joanne

    Esmeralda,the turkey, would like to point out that while she is 4lbs lighter she is just as perky.We can’t wait for the fun to begin.


  3. Kelly

    I’m very excited to see you all (except for you, Becky, but you’d be welcome if you weren’t heading to MA!)!Gertrude can’t wait to meet Esmeralda. We are exceedingly grateful to them both for having given their lives for us.


  4. Scotty and Lisa

    Yummy! Sounds like you’re going to have quite a feast and so much joy in your home with all those guests! I pray that it is a day to remember (and not because the cheesecake leaks out of the pan) and one in which you are reminded of all the amazing blessings God has given to your family. We love you and are thankful for you!


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