Update on everybody

Jonathan is back to normal today (normal for him means running around in circles, rolling on the rug, and yelling for much of his day). His temp peaked yesterday at 102.7, but this morning it’s back to normal. And after that one well-timed incident, there was no more vomiting.

Cameron is getting over his bout of pinkeye, and it looks this morning like Ben might have caught it. I bought some homeopathic drops at the drugstore on Sunday that are working well for Cam, so I hope we can head it off before anyone else gets it.

And besides that, there are the usual sniffles and sneezes. The usual bumps in the road with little ones.

BUT THERE’S NO STREP (THROAT OR OTHERWISE) IN THE HOUSE. And for that we are exceedingly grateful!

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  1. Amber Benton

    Kelly,Do you have the book Smart Medecine for a Healthier Child? My friend Tina gave this to me last year, and it seems to be a great resource although thankfully I haven’t had to peruse it too much. It gives good descriptions of convential medical treatments AND homeopathic treatments, etc for many common childhood ailments!


  2. Nicole

    VERY glad to hear that Jonathan is feeling better. Emma will be glad too! She says his name no less than a million times a day. She cried yesterday when I told her we weren’t going to see him at TJ’s!


  3. Kelly

    Amber, thanks for the book rec! I may have to check it out! Since I have been successfully treated by a naturopath recently, I am really interested in a more holistic approach to medicine. That doesn’t mean I’m ruling out conventional medicine, but the other options are far more appealing these days!


  4. cascadingwaters

    Yes, sniffles do seem to be par for the course this time of year, don’t they? So glad about the strep. If you can steer clear of that, and I can stay away from bronchitis and pneumonia, it will be a healthy winter!


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