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This past week the kids have been passing around pinkeye. Ben and Cameron have both beat it, but Andrew was having a harder time kicking it, so I became worried about possible bacterial infection. Last night I decided to take him to the minute clinic and have him looked at.

In the middle of this decision-making process, David was in the den playing with Jonathan, throwing him up in the air. As Jonathan landed one time, his hand came down in unfortunate proximity to David’s eye and he scratched David’s cornea. He yelps and heads to the bathroom, hand over his eye. We noticed some bleeding, so now it looks like David has pinkeye even though he doesn’t. He was just beat up by a two year old who is approximately one-quarter his size. Apply the ice…sit down…

So after dinner, I’m heading out the door with a child with green goo running out of his right eye, leaving behind three children with a father who is walking around squinting because it hurts to open his left eye.

Sigh. On to the minute clinic. The nurse there was very sweet and prescribed an antibiotic drop for Andrew….and gave him two stickers for being such a good patient. She was very sympathetic, saying, “oh, you poor thing!” many times and laughing about how serious Andrew was (he becomes very stoic in doctor’s offices).

I gave Andrew one drop (the correct dosage) in his infected eye last night before bed. By this time he is an old pro at receiving eyedrops and he calmly allowed me to do it.

At three A.M. I jumped awake, startled by a bright light in my eye and heavy breathing in my ear. Andrew had turned on the hall light and stumbled down the hallway and was crying about his head hurting. I gave him some ibuprofen and put him back to bed. (This morning at breakfast he was mocking me for looking so shocked when awakened out of a sound sleep, so at least his sense of humor is still intact.)

This morning I gave him another dosage of the eyedrops, and noticed a little red dot on his cheek. Since he is an excema-prone child with sensitive skin anyway, I blew it off.

You can see where this is going, right?

Another dose of eyedrops before nap. When he gets up from his nap, he has a full-blown case of hives going. His arms, legs, and torso are covered. Fortunately I am prepared for this, since he is also allergic to penecillin and does the same thing when he has that…or, better said, he did the same thing the one time he had that. Break out the Benedryl, the hydrocortisone cream, and put in a call to the doctor. By the time they call me back, I’ve already done everything they advised me to do.

No more eyedrops for him. His eyes are almost clear today, so I am willing to ride it out and see if his body can right itself.

Meanwhile, Cameron has impacted wax in his ears, which is making it hard for him to hear anything. He can be sitting next to me and I’ll speak to him and he won’t hear me. So we’re putting olive oil in his ears every night. The oil softens the wax and allows it to drain naturally. We had to do this before, when he was around three years old. But until that drainage happens, I have to SPEAK VERY LOUDLY AND CLEARLY to him.

I’m feeling a bit kooky at this point. So if you’re feeling bored, come on over!

4 Responses to “Bored?”

  1. Nicole

    🙂 If it’s not one thing, it’s another isn’t it? BUT the good news is…it’s not strep!! 🙂


  2. Shawnda

    you are too funny ; ) sorry….no boredom here – hate to leave you alone enjoying all the fun! : )So sorry about all the drama….but it sounds….hmmmm….strangely familiar! : )


  3. Melanie

    I have to say I’m not bored here either. My son refused to sleep. We’ve been up since 1:15am. It’s now almost 3. Sheesh. We’re in the basement so he can “cry it out” without waking daddy (again!) and Mallory.


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