with me some mysteries of a Friday night mall visit…..

Why is there no Williams-Sonoma at the Northlake Mall? Is it because that snooty little kitchen store is up on the second floor? (I say “snooty” because the employees were unkind to us when they saw our four children. The four children were far better behaved than the employees. They touched nothing.)

Why have I never gone into Anthropologie until now? What did I think was going on there?

Why is it that every time I walk by that handcream kiosk, a man has stopped for the sales pitch?

Why are there SO many makeup counters in department stores? It’s enough to make me dizzy and a little sick.

4 Responses to “Ponder…”

  1. Josh and Dana

    I agree!!! The people in that little kitchen store are not the friendliest and Anthropologie has some of the cutest stuff I have ever laid eyes on. It has all of my tastes and style preferences in one room…though I refuse to pay their prices 😦 I keep looking up their stuff on ebay.


  2. Becky

    I hate those makeup counters, too, Kelly Sue. Just walking by all those scents makes me sick to my stomach…never mind the overly-painted faces of the salesgirls! Aaaahh…the sounds and sights of the American Christmas season!


  3. Amber Benton

    Don’t let the prices at Anthropologie fool you – I’ve seen $6 coffee cups sitting right next to a $350 tea pot. I got a pair of pants from the clearance room in back this summer for $9. A really nice apron for my b’day for around $20, and my favorite napkins on clearance – 10 for under $15!!! (Haircuts and Anthropologie on the way out are my ‘outing’…)


  4. Aileen

    The only person I know who stopped at the hand and nail cream counter was a guy. There were 4 of us at the mall – 2 men and 2 women. The sales lady did catch his eye and he bought all of the products she recommended. That’s how I got my pre-wedding manicure. He used them and the skills she taught him to get me ready for the big day. It was a riot.


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