I hope I figured it out…

I knew Andrew was allergic to something in those drops…but now I think I figured it out.

SULFA! The full name of the drops is Polymyxin B Sulfate and Trimethoprim. Sulfate = Sulfa, right?

I am allergic to Sulfa, also…and I break out in hives when I have it.

So now we know our poor dear third child inherited a sulfa allergy from his mom and a penecillin allergy from his dad!!

Moms, please check your medicine cabinets for Benedryl, and make sure it’s not expired. It’s a drug you should not be without.

****UPDATE…my pediatrician said there’s no sulfa in these drops. I am becoming a big fan of second opinions, so I called the pharmacist. He said that if a child is allergic to sulfa, then they could have a similar reaction to this drug.

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