I hope I figured it out…

I knew Andrew was allergic to something in those drops…but now I think I figured it out.

SULFA! The full name of the drops is Polymyxin B Sulfate and Trimethoprim. Sulfate = Sulfa, right?

I am allergic to Sulfa, also…and I break out in hives when I have it.

So now we know our poor dear third child inherited a sulfa allergy from his mom and a penecillin allergy from his dad!!

Moms, please check your medicine cabinets for Benedryl, and make sure it’s not expired. It’s a drug you should not be without.

****UPDATE…my pediatrician said there’s no sulfa in these drops. I am becoming a big fan of second opinions, so I called the pharmacist. He said that if a child is allergic to sulfa, then they could have a similar reaction to this drug.

2 Responses to “I hope I figured it out…”

  1. cascadingwaters

    Poor Andrew! Poor you!Those quick dissolve tablets of Benadryl are great, too, especially if you have a kid that you have to carry it for.


  2. Kelly

    Yes, poor us!!! But mostly, poor Andrew.I will look for those tablets next time, since my bottle is almost gone. I’ve had to use Benedryl for grown-ups, too!!


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