The Car Said, "what?!"

Recently I ran across some old episodes of “The Cosby Show” on YouTube. I’ve watched a couple with the kids.

Here’s Ben’s favorite: Denise Drives. He loves the car sound effects.
And Cameron’s: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. He love the cymbals.

One thought on “The Car Said, "what?!"

  1. “The wheel was the best thing on the car!!” Wow, funny and brings back memories of David’s gold Renault! Maybe he can tell you the story of that car (?) We thought we were getting a real bargain! NOT!!!I got “tagged” for a meme, sooo I thought I’d tag you in hopes that you have not been tagged before…Just need to list 8 random fact about yourself and tag 8 others…(Is this really what a mother-in-law is supposed to do?) Well it was fun anyway…LOVE YOU


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