Good for You, Good for the World

Improve your mental dexterity and benefit the world’s hungry population by playing Free Rice!

4 Responses to “Good for You, Good for the World”

  1. Becky

    What a fun site! For us word-nerds anyway! I played for 10 minutes and “donated” 2060 grains of rice at a vocab level high of level 36. I have no idea what that means, but it was fun! I’ll have to remember it when I’m bored at work this week. 🙂


  2. ReformedMommy

    Finally, all those years of reading Bronte, Austen, Dickens, not to mention Bunyan and Spurgeon, are going to PAY OFF! Okay, I have to ask – what’s your highest level? I have to have a goal, even it it’s an unattainable one…


  3. Amber Benton

    Ummmm… this actually makes me want to retake the SAT… I think I would do better :)I’m hovering around 40 or 41 — can’t get anywhere near 48 let alone 50!


  4. Kelly

    My top score has been 42 so far. My average is 40. But hey, if we keep it up, we can only improve, right?And theological reading has really helped me out!


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