Some Overdue Pictures

David’s birthday was this past Saturday…

The shirt says “WPI”
(that’s where D got his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering)

NYC puzzle

Laughing at his Michael Scott birthday card

And then…the puzzle assembly began. It was finished by Sunday night.

Happy Birthday David! We are so thankful for you!

5 Responses to “Some Overdue Pictures”

  1. GrandmaK

    Why didn’t I know that that puzzle would not sit around for weeks to be completed…some things never change…


  2. Joanne

    Happy belated birthday David. I love nerdy science shirts. I still have my human being chemical composition t-shirt! I hope ya’ll had a great b-day celebration.


  3. Shawnda

    Happy Birthday!!!!! I can’t believe that puzzle was put together by Sunday night! That’s impressive!!! And then what do you do with it?


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