McAdenville Lights

It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog lately, I know…we’ve had some colds going around, but mostly it’s been Christmasy fun that’s keeping me busy.

On Wednesday night, we drove to McAdenville — check out their cute website here — to take in the lights.

Now, because any family outing would not be complete without a twenty-minute boring diversion, David and I decided to turn the wrong way after exiting the highway and drive. And drive and drive and drive. And then we stopped for directions at a somewhat scary side-of-the-road place with not four but FIVE cats outside! And that made it very exciting for Mommy and the boys, who were stuck in the van while Daddy went inside to ask for directions and buy the requisite package of cookies to justify our annoying the clerk.

So then, we turned around and got headed in the right direction. Aaaah. Wait, is that it?! The clerk said, “you can’t miss it.” But we were a little gunshy for obvious reasons. Countless times we found ourselves squinting through the darkness, wondering if we were missing it.

But then, there it was: a line of slow-moving cars turning right and a little sign that said “Christmas Lights —->”. And so, feeling a little like cattle, we, too, turned right, switched off our headlights, and joined the slow-moving parade.

Here’s a little of what we saw, but with the scope of it, it’s hard to capture.

This made us laugh…a pickup truck DECORATED WITH LIGHTS. The back was full of kids.

We were waiting with eager anticipation to hear Jonathan’s reaction, since for the first two weeks of December, everywhere we drove in the dark was greeted with a cheer of “MO-MORE MISSMASS!!!”. But apparently by this time in his life, Christmas lights are old news, because he was remarkably silent. I finally turned around and said, “Jonathan, look at that!” when we saw this:

and he said enthusiastically, “THAT ALL MISSMASS!!!”

Which was enough for Daddy and me, thankyouverymuch.

And here is my favorite house, which apparently excited me so much that I started falling over while taking the picture:

The nice thing was that, for the portion of the ride during which my window was rolled down, every single person who walked by our van wished us a Merry Christmas.

2 Responses to “McAdenville Lights”

  1. Joy

    We’ve been meaning to go do that one of these years. But I can live vicariously through your pictures!


  2. Amber Benton

    So glad you all enjoyed McAdenville, Kelly! That’s where my Dad grew up and my grandparents still live. This is the first year in a few that we’ve drove through. We used to walk the loop every Christmas when I was a kid – my grandmother had a gift shop right by the PO and we would stop and end there with hot cocoa.It was different for me this year and I tried not to be cynical with all of the new houses in the neighborhood just below Lakeview Baptist church. This year the tore down all of the small Mill Houses including the one my Mom and her family rented when my other grandfather brought them out of the mountains so he could work at the mill during a couple of lean years. The new houses are beautiful I must admit, but I keep wondering where all the people who were able to rent the Mill Houses have gone now that all of the quarter million dollar houses have been sold…


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