Catching up on pictures

Here are some shots of the boys helping me make Peanut Blossoms before Christmas…

Even Jonathan was able to help this year!
Ben’s hands

Cameron forming the cookies

I was really amazed at how quickly the process went with the boys’ increased skill this year. They were all actually very helpful…I didn’t feel like I was managing a huge mess the whole time. And nobody ate any until they were done. 🙂

5 Responses to “Catching up on pictures”

  1. Beth

    I’m amazed your helpers didn’t eat any til they were done. I haven’t managed to accomplish that feat with the “vultures” around here who love to swoop in for a taste! But I must say that they do get more and more helpful as the years roll on. You have lots to look forward to, Kelly.Happy New Year – nice new look for the blog. I like the green.Love,Beth


  2. Joy

    I’m thinking I’ve done a great job training my kids to snitch cookie dough.


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