Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, the boys awoke to find their stockings fastened to their beds, and they had permission to open them upon discovery. Twenty minutes after they awoke, Cameron and Ben came downstairs and proudly announced that they had already consumed all their M&Ms. We had praline french toast for breakfast, and then we opened gifts together.

Jonathan was content to play with his new Matchbox car.

Many, many books…our favorite gifts!

Perhaps the best reaction to clothing…ever???

Cameron FINALLY got his looooooong-awaited marble track.

After we were done, we all got busy playing. (that’s our friend Tom building a killer sports car)

Andrew and the marble track

David trying to figure out the slide rule my Dad gave him.

Ben played with his remote-control Jeep almost all day.

6 Responses to “Christmas Day”

  1. Becky

    Looks like a fun Christmas! I love that your boys love receiving books as gifts! I also love your house, it’s so pretty!


  2. cascadingwaters

    Books are great (Mom really like Dr. Soto)! It’s the most used present around here!Did you manage to get everything OUT of the Nalgene bottles I gave them? It wasn’t until I was done and they were all wrapped that I realized that I had now given you a project! Sorry about that.


  3. Kelly

    Thanks, Becky!Lisa, they were pretty wired, but I don’t know if it was the food or the gift-opening excitement. Probably a combination of both!Tracy, the hardest was the Play-dough, but nothing took more than 30 seconds to get out. The boys were excited to have their own bottles like mine. 🙂


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