…aaaaand we’re legal.

Today I received my card from the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education, acknowledging that we are indeed approved by the state to homeschool!

Back in October of 2006, I asked for your help in choosing a name for our school.

The winner, however, wasn’t in that original post. The winner was inspired by a comment made by my sister on this post about Sir William Jones. She recommended that I translate the motto “Read and you will know” into Latin as our school name. I altered that idea a little, and just adopted the motto Tolle Lege — “take up and read” — as the name. The state does not allow parents to change the name of the school, so I wanted something that I’d be comfortable with no matter what changes might occur in our school. No matter what curriculum we’re using, no matter what age our children are, I know we will always be reading and always be encouraging them to read more.

Tolle Lege Academy it is!

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