A Love Story, Part IV

(Wherein Our Story Begins to Resemble a Jane Austen Novel)

So there we were, back to “normal.” Christmas break was fun. More hanging out. New Year’s Eve in Boston with a big crew of people. Harrod and Funck performing in Park Street Church was one of the highlights for me!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know how Valentine’s Day went that next year. You can read about it here. It was one of the greatest days ever! But what that story didn’t include was the fact that the friend that drove down with David that weekend gave me a gift for Valentine’s Day. In front of David. Awkward to say the least, for everyone concerned. (another moment where he thought about slamming his head into a door, I found out later) But still, no dating strings attached anywhere…we’re all good friends…yadda yadda yadda.

March arrived, and with it came Spring Break. Being the exciting party-girl type that I was, I went home, and brought a friend with me. She was a two-time resident of my floors in college, and we were pretty close even though she was a year behind me.

Well, that week was pretty much more of the same. Hanging out with friends, and a lot of time spent with David since he basically lived with us. Anywhere we went, we rode together, because what’s the point of taking two cars when you have the same destination?

By the time we went back to school at the end of the week, my friend could NOT stop talking about David. How funny he was. How smart he was. What a nice Godly man. On and on and on, until I considered leaving her by the side of route 84 in New York state.

At this point I started feeling something in my chest that was unfamiliar in reference to David up until now. Could it be…jealousy? Possessiveness? I didn’t like her talking about him like that, that was certain.

Hmm. What does that mean?

Indulge me for a moment. Do we all know the story of Jane Austen’s Emma? She grew up next door to a wonderful gentleman, Mr. Knightley. For years Emma thought of him as a brother. Through a storyline far too complicated to relate here, her best friend ends up falling for Knightley. When her friend, Harriet, tells Emma this, Emma’s reaction is surprising to even herself:

Emma’s eyes were instantly withdrawn; and she sat silently meditating, in a fixed attitude, for a few minutes. A few minutes were sufficient for making her acquainted with her own heart. A mind like hers, once opening to suspicion, made rapid progress. She touched — she admitted — she acknowledged the whole truth. Why was it so much worse that Harriet should be in love with Mr. Knightley, than with Frank Churchill? Why was the evil so dreadfully increased by Harriet’s having some hope of a return? It darted through her, with the speed of an arrow, that Mr. Knightley must marry no one but herself!

So there it was. I wasn’t altogether sure, and I gave myself some time to work through it, but I couldn’t deny the change in my own heart.

I finished out the semester and went home, having completed my junior year and not knowing what to expect at home. There was still an unfinished business (in my mind, anyway) with the guy who gave me the Valentine’s gift. And would I still feel the same way about David when I was home for the summer and saw him all the time?

To be continued… (and I hope, concluded! next time!)

7 Responses to “A Love Story, Part IV”

  1. Melissa

    Okay, so I’m just now catching up on my blog-reading…am on this unfolding tale. As the bride at the aforementioned wedding and the one with the great hair-do, let me again extend my sincerest apologies for fixing you up with the WRONG man present at my wedding. Suffice to say, I have NOT tried fixing up any of my dearest friends with anyone of my husband’s dearest friends EVER AGAIN. You will be glad to know that. How do you remember things with such detail, Kel? Could you write some short stories about our years? Then I could have more of a memory than I do about them. Man, am I grateful we were friends like we were then…I would NOT have survived adolesence without you, dude.


  2. GrandmaK

    Well like Melissa, I’m just now catching up. This is delightful for me to read, for as the mother of the aforementioned David, I hadn’t heard the WHOLE story. “Slammed his head in the door”? Ouch!!! Thanks for sharing. I have really enjoyed this. LOVE ya!! CathyPS…Will be glued to TV starting tomorrow noc on PBS!!


  3. Becky

    You’re leaving us hanging in suspense! Does the heroine end up with the boy-above-the-garage? Oooohh..the mystery, I can hardly stand it!


  4. Kelly

    Missy, no worries about fixing anyone up! If I’d have had half a brain I would’ve called the whole thing off before it started…I was just telling my sister last week what a ninny I was! Praise the Lord that He can make good come from our stupidity!


  5. Jonathan and Lynsey

    Hilarious – Kelly was that me? Did I really talk about David that much? I don’t remember that but I’m glad I recognized that he was such a great guy and it ended up affecting you like that (though I sounded pretty annoying).


  6. Jonathan and Lynsey

    oops, or was it another friend of ours – ‘K’? When did I go home with you? My memory is aweful. I do remember that silly guy who ordered a “Sammy”. You said he was trying to impress me. Funny.


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