A Love Story, Part V

The Denouement

So sorry to keep you all waiting. I know you’re all anxious with anticipation over how this all comes to a conclusion. I mean, you don’t know if these people actually ended up together, right?!

Well, I went home for the summer. That much you already know. I took a job as a temp in Allmerica Financial’s accounts payable division, also known at that time as Ground Zero. They were changing computer systems at the time, had a huge backlog of payments to be made, and it was part of my job to answer the phones and try to diffuse the situation. I actually had one woman who would call me every Monday and tell me what she planned on eating that week since she had no money until her insurance check arrived. The last Monday before her check came (I mailed it myself!), she had only a hard-boiled egg and a pork chop in her fridge. Dear, dear, Thelma.

Not too much changed between David and I right off the bat that summer. Things stayed pretty much the same. I gave him a couple CDs for a graduation gift (he completed his Master’s degree that May). My parents went to his graduation. I did not, since I had friends graduating at Messiah that same weekend. But I did get the chance to meet his two brothers that weekend, since they came to see him get his degree.

So, by the beginning of July, things were getting a little awkward again. We hadn’t talked since the year before (the aforementioned head-slamming conversation). One evening we were headed back from Bible Study (it’s all so innocent, isn’t it?!), and David pulled over since there was supposed to be a meteor shower that night. So there we were, under the wide open central Massachusetts sky (which is not quite as wide open as, say, the West Virginia sky or the Montana sky, but is more wide open than the southern California sky). And he broke the ice again. It takes no small amount of courage to jump back into a situation that was THAT HORRIBLE before, right?

The most memorable quote from the conversation was “I never really wanted to be your brother.”(brother reference #3) Suffice it to say that this conversation had a much more positive outcome than the last one.

Our first official date was a trip to the movies — “Armageddon,” of all the horrible movies. From there the summer unfolded, and then in the fall I went back to school for my final semester. I think we saw each other almost every other weekend. We took turns driving the six-plus hours from Pennsylvania to Mass.

On December 23rd, David and I celebrated my homecoming by going to see “The Nutcracker” performed by the Boston Ballet. After the show was over, we went over to my dad’s office building (this sounds incredibly un-romantic, but his offices at the time were on the 37th floor and overlooked the harbor), where David asked me to marry him.

Our wedding was August 14th, 1999. LOADS of fun to plan and live through. We honeymooned on Grand Cayman Island (oh, how we wish that Thabiti was around then!).

God’s hand was certainly at work in forming our relationship over the many years. Shortly after we were married, the “courtship” trend hit the evangelical church with Josh Harris’ book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. After hearing all the hubbub for a while, David and I realized that we “courted” before “courting” was cool. We did all sorts of group stuff. We hung around with my family. We really knew each other before we started dating, and therefore it wasn’t long before we discussed getting married. We both valued the other person too highly to be dating them casually.

I’m realizing that I need to put some pictures up with this post, but the other computer (which is attached to the scanner) is currently in use…so please check back later!!!

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  1. cascadingwaters

    Gotta watch out for those Massachusetts meteor showers. And did everyone notice how she went all Austen on us on the denouement? Austen rarely directly quotes her main characters at the happy ending, either!(She’s right about Dad’s office, incidentally. Great place!)


  2. Albert

    Well, just doing some “catch-up” reading and enjoying these stories. Definitely different from the living room version. Perhaps the romantic “failures” that preceded you and David’s success are a stronger element in person…or maybe you both were just trying to make some people feel better. Anyway, what ever happened to those pictures?


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