“A sudden joyous turn”

Andrew Peterson reflects on The Return of the King and its spiritual implications.

2 Responses to “Eucatastrophe”

  1. Tom

    A few reactions, mainly in hopes of encouraging you to do more Tolkien-related posts. Tolkien and LotR are like Jello, there’s always room :P1 – How great of a word is “Eucatastrophe”? Tolkien was a genius…2 – If I’m ever a Dad, I want to be like AP when he watches movies or discusses books with his children. Wow, just wow.3 – You know what gets me about Return of the King? Well, loads of things, but here’s one: When Aragorn, on the day he was to receive Arwen, tells of how he had longed for this day to come. It is always such a gripping reminder of how much Jesus longs to be united to His bride, for whom He toiled so long and through such difficulty.4 – I want to start a blog now and just blog on LotR and Christian allusions and applications. So much richness…too bad there’s already a blog out there called Eucatastrophe.5 – One of Aragorn’s many names is “Telcontar”. It means, “The Renewer”, and is my favorite name given him by Tolkien as this one, above all, reminds me of Jesus. Stopping now 🙂


  2. Kelly

    OK, this may be an obvious suggestion, but why not a LOTR blog called Telcontar?The fact that one of AP’s sons finished LOTR at the age of nine makes me very excited that we might be crossing this bridge soon!You know what gets me about LOTR? Well, today anyway (and a lot of days)? The fact that I AM SMEAGOL/GOLLUM.


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