They Asked for a Basketball Team

Those of you who have traveled anywhere with David and I in the past two years have probably heard the comment, “One more and you’ll have a basketball team!”. That’s an amusing and creative comment the first ten times you hear it, but it soon becomes a little tiresome. I have never come up with a very clever reply, either.

But NOW…I have one.

Here it is…tell me what you think.

“OK, if you insist.”

In August of this year, our little basketball team will finally have a point guard.

OK, or it could be a giant child and be the center, but it will probably take quite a few years to outpace his or her brothers’ growth curve.

And if I’m honest, it could be a completely uncoordinated child who will instead play the clarinet.

But STILL…all those people should bite their tongues now.

But they won’t. Instead, they will say, “Oh, trying for a girl, are you?”.

*polite gritted-tooth smile*

The specifics: due date is August 12th, heartbeat sounded good and strong on Wednesday afternoon, and the nausea’s over with.

And NO, we weren’t “trying for a girl,” thankyouverymuch.

19 Responses to “They Asked for a Basketball Team”

  1. Nicole

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!! I’m am SO excited!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! (And girls are fun…just for the record! 😉 )


  2. Amanda

    Congratulations Kelly Sue and David! Miss you guys…seeing that I don’t think I have seen you since you were pregnant with your second at Steve’s wedding.Wow time is flying by!I’m so happy for you 😀


  3. Kelly

    Of course girls are fun. It’s just that boys aren’t any less fun, which is what the comment seems to imply.I think there are women out there who feel a giant hole in their lives if they don’t have a daughter. I am not one of these women. I would be grateful to have a daughter, but equally grateful to have another son.


  4. Karen

    Hello Keller Family!! Congratulations on #5!! The O’C list of grandchildren is a constant delight and full of surprises! Blessings on all of you!! Karen and Bob


  5. Sarah

    Yeah! #5! I love having a girl but never felt the need to have one. I lie dirty, stinky little boys! And when Daisy shreaks! I think only a girl could do that! Yeah!!!


  6. Melanie

    OMG! Congrats!!! I tell you what, I have a friend here in Johnson City that has 4 boys and is pregnant with her fifth, due Aug 8. CRAZY!!! You both are very similar in many ways (both from NE area, both love the Pats, both love the Sox, both love Derek Webb and gang, both have 4 boys, both homeschool, both reformed, etc etc). Of course, there are many differences, but the similarities are numerous. Anyway, I’m happy for you guys.


  7. ReformedMommy

    You know, that the most creative way I’ve seen to increase the number of comments on a blog….. :)So happy for you…. xoxo


  8. Josh and Dana

    Aw, congrats Kelly! I honestly wondered a bit when I saw you a few weeks ago and you weren’t feeling well…guess that’s just where my mind goes first (and I think I may have made a basketball team comment…sorry). One day I’ll have to pick your brain about boys! Excited and praying!


  9. Amber Benton

    YES, LOTS OF COMMENTS!!! Wow, Kelly, congratulations! You could have asked me about the basketball team thing, though… My reply was thank you, but we can play volleyball quite well with 4. But now, we almost have the official basketball team ourselves – only shy of four weeks or so to go. It just worries me when some people skip completely over the basketball team and say baseball…those are normally the same people who think that my 18 month old and 3 year old are twins. Somedays I still want to invest in that sign for our buggy – “No Comments, Please”… somedays :)And if I’m totally honest I’ve had a small sigh of relief with each pronouncement of ‘boy’.


  10. stacey

    yeah! yeah! yeah! you are such a wonderful mother – it doesn’t matter if it’s a son or daughter! we are SO excited!!!


  11. Rachel

    Congratulations!!! I really hate the way people presume that when you have 3 or 4 of the same, you’ll just keep trying for the opposite gender. We have 3 girls and we would love to be blessed with a 4th child, girl, boy, adopted or natural birth. We know if it is God’s will it will happen and whatever child we may get will be in his perfect timing and plan. I pray that you have a wonderful pregnancy, especially with 4 little ones to take care of. You’ll have to post some tips for organizing a large family. I have 3 and found the transition from 2 to 3 hard.Rachel


  12. Beth

    Wow! Congratulations, Kelly and David. I guess I’ve heard all the comments, too. Just smile and move on to the next aisle. Praise God he blesses us with exactly the children he has ordained as our own unique and special gifts.


  13. Christel

    Congratulations! I have to agree that boys are great. When I found out that Addison was a girl, I think I was a little dissapointed. All of that has passed. I think it’s just a matter of loving what you have 🙂 Hey, can I pick your brain about what you do for your kids’ journals? I’d like to start something like that and I figured you could give me some tips. Thanks!


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