I Love the Library

On Saturday we had a nice relaxing morning out running errands (yes, I’m being serious). We started off our day with Shoney’s breakfast buffet (which, when you have kids who eat as much as ours do, is a great deal: two eat for free, and the older two are half price), and then proceeded to our local library, and we finished up with grocery shopping.

The library is a favorite errand of mine. To make it easier to get books that I actually want to read (or any that we might want for school), I usually start a “hold list” online early in the week. Then, by the time we are at the library on Friday or Saturday, they are all there waiting for me with my name in them. As soon as we arrive, I can swiftly drop them into my bag and chase my excited sons to the children’s section.

I realized that my list from last week was particularly eclectic. Here it is, in part:

Well, I guess it’s not that eclectic. It seems like — apart from Hillary — I have food on the brain…either growing it or cooking it or eating it.

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  1. Beth

    That’s funny, Kelly. I checked Animal, Vegetable, Miracle out of my library last week and am really enjoying reading it. Makes me eager for the farmer’s market to open again!


  2. Gramma OC

    the library is one of my favorite places.I always find something to bring homeYou would love the Contessa’s store. we went there when we were visiting friends in East Hampton. I just wanted to move next door so I could shop every day.Love the baby count down.


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