This One Made Me Laugh

Last night we were at Lowe’s picking up supplies for a compost heap, and we happened by the appliance section (we’re always looking for a gas stove that might be damaged/marked down). So, with the help of our nice appliance salesman named Steven, we were inspecting a beautiful gas range. I noticed that the oven door, upon closing, made a loud squeaking/chirping noise.

I said, “Wow, that could drive me crazy.”

Steven (looking over at our children, who were opening every fridge door, swinging from the handles, sticking their heads in the front-loading washers, etc.) politely replied, “Ma’am, you have four children. This stove is not going to win that race.”

5 Responses to “This One Made Me Laugh”

  1. Nicole

    ROFL!!!!!! That made me laugh out loud! That’s hilarious!!! If he only knew about your basketball team in the making!!! šŸ˜‰


  2. ReformedMommy

    Oh hilarious!!! Someone give that guy a raise (or a better job…, but then again it could be worse – he could work at Home Depot)…


  3. cascadingwaters

    I think it would be the combination os the stove and the children that would really do it: as in, when the children discovered that the stove made that noise and spent the morning opening and closing, opening and closing…


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