My Review of Mansfield Park

I’ve been lax in posting this review, mostly because I slept through…I’d say…80% of this movie.

Here is my experience:

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Gillian Anderson’s introduction. She impresses me as being extraordinarily bored with the intros.

The “growing up sequence” was almost exactly the same as in “Northanger Abbey.” I don’t know which movie was written/shot first, but BOOOOOO for lack of creativity.

Wow, this movie sure is moving fast. Again.


Hmm, I think is the story that has probably suffered the most at the hands of Andrew Davies. Everyone seems angry and repressed. I don’t like the actress in the role of Fanny…she seems like she might be better suited for a role like….


Wow, this movie is moving fast.

Oh, it’s over?

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  1. Rachel

    I agree. I posted about this on your Northanger Abbey link. It started badly Gillian Anderson sounded totally bored and also had a bit of a fake English accent. Billie Piper was badly cast for Fanny. She is a favorite actress of the british tv channels at the moment, but definitely didn’t seem right for this role, she’s too contemporary.It was totally lacking in any atmosphere. Bring on Price and Prejudice and Mr Darcy – a different league altogether!Rachel


  2. michelle

    I didn’t even watch it, because I like the other version so much. I just went to bed early, because I was nervous of a disappointment. I’m glad I didn’t stay up now!


  3. Joy

    I haven’t seen the movie…but the book was pretty good. However, there is a noticeable difference in depth between N.A. and M.P. and the four greats, in my humble literary opinion.


  4. Kelly

    I did like the book. Don’t ever watch this movie because it will make you cranky (or extremely sleepy!).


  5. cascadingwaters

    Wow, what a bad adaptation! And I say that as someone who is no fan of the novel!Am I the only one who found her eyebrows completely distracting? I mean, we all know her hair is dyed, but with such dark eyebrows, shouldn’t they have just gone for a brunette Fanny, rather than calling attention to such an anachronism? (or does that make me weird?) And she was so NOT Fanny Price; what was with the simpering? the random assertiveness? the knowing she was in love with him all along, somehow?And Sir Thomas: what was his deal? Like some sort of angry man thing going on there, not at all in character.And Mrs. Norris basically was a non-entity.Who woke up Lady Bertram, incidently?And why no Portsmouth? Who in their right mind would think that leaving Fanny alone AT MANSFIELD would have any chance of changing her mind on marrying Mr. Crawford? The point is that he’s sending her AWAY from comfort, riches, home to show what it could be like if she doesn’t marry Mr. Crawford! Jeez. It made me long for the five hours of the BBC!


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