The New England Aquarium

I have wanted to visit this place with the kids forever! I think I was as excited as they were.

The New England Aquarium, our destination on Friday
Harbor seals (they’re in a tank outside). This one is swimming upside-down.

My favorite, the penguins

They had a special exhibit about jellyfish

Umbrella jellies

Myrtle, the 67-year-old sea turtle
Divers in the giant Ocean tank
After we had our lunch, we saw the penguins get their lunch
It was a beautiful day in the city…sunny and not too cold

4 Responses to “The New England Aquarium”

  1. Scotty and Lisa

    My dream job is to work in an aquarium like this one. I considered going into marine biology but found the “biology” part to be not as fun as the “marine”… Glad you guys had a good trip!


  2. Shannon

    I used to go there on field trips when I was in elementary school!Great pictures…I bet the kids loved it!


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