Spring Garden, continued

I found the square-foot gardening method to be very kid-friendly as we laid out our garden this morning. It was easy to explain that the seeds we’d already planted were in the “fluffy” soil on the other side of the lines and point out the squares that were safe for the kids to step in. We planted square by square, and backed our way out of the garden.

Laying out the grid
My little helper
The work crew — they really enjoyed themselves today! They weeded, dug holes, planted seeds, and made friends with earthworms. Our Handbook of Nature Study gave us a new appreciation for the unsung “farmers” of the soil.
Grow! Grow! There are many hungry people waiting to eat you!

You cause the grass to grow for the livestock
and plants for man to cultivate,
that he may bring forth food from the earth….”

Psalm 104:14

6 Responses to “Spring Garden, continued”

  1. Shawnda

    Oh wow! You’ve already started your garden?! I’ve been thinking about one, but not sure where I’d put it here! You are getting some good rain for it today!!!


  2. Joy

    Very nice! Do you have 1 by 1 squares with paths? I’ll have to come see it.Nate just finished our last 4×4 square this weekend, so now we have 16. Phew!


  3. GrandmaK

    Really looks interesting…Ron, looked and said, “I thought they had an ice storm there?” The little sprouts are beautifully green!! Give the boys a hug for a job well done. Cathy


  4. Beth

    Ah, Anna Comstock and the Handbook of Nature Study…I love that book! Kelly, you might also really like Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It will make you even happier about the good of your gardening endeavors.Great job, Keller boys!


  5. Kelly

    Joy, we have 45 1×1 squares. If everything comes up, we will be eating more vegetables than we know what to do with!Beth, I’ve read A, V, M. We took it out of the library the same week, remember? 🙂


  6. Joy

    Peter’s been enjoying the library’s copy of “Green Thumbs”–which is in the same series as “Old Testament Days” and “Classical Kids”.


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