The Bright and Shiny Kelly Will Return Tomorrow

I love the blogosphere, because sometimes when I am feeling a certain way, I run across an entry that expresses what I’m feeling so much better than I could ever express it.

Take this morning for example. I visited my doctor this morning for another run at a yeast infection that’s lasted about two months now. It’s been a battle not giving into fear, frustration, and despair while I wait out the treatments under the advice of my OB and my naturopath. Sometimes I have won this battle; sometimes I have lost.

And then I read this from Bigmama, along with the accompanying comments, and thought…”I’m not alone in feeling this way, even though I feel like I am crazy and unspiritual.”

The other major, HARD thing that has been going on for about the last year in our lives is that we’re now between churches. I haven’t blogged about this at all. But the last year — apart from the strep throat drama — was one of the most spiritually draining of our entire lives. Many of our convictions regarding what the ‘church’ should look like were put to the test over months of conversation. And it resulted in our leaving the little church that we called home for about three years here in Charlotte (ever since we arrived). It was unquestionably the right decision, but it didn’t make it a happy, pleasant thing to do.

So now we’re in that lovely stage known as “church-hunting,” which as anyone who’s done it could tell you, is an exhausting proposition. We’ve committed to spending about a month at each church we’re considering so as to get a big picture instead of just a Sunday.

And this morning I read this from Becky and thought, “I am not alone in feeling this way.”

So thank the Lord for the blogosphere today on my behalf. It brings us into community, and today I felt community with a woman in Texas, who I don’t know, and a woman in New Jersey, who I haven’t seen in years.

4 Responses to “The Bright and Shiny Kelly Will Return Tomorrow”

  1. Shawnda

    Ohhhhh…..there’s SO much I could say here! But…I’ll stick with the point…AMEN! I’m SO thankful for the blogosphere for the same reasons and more! I’ve been INCREDIBLY encouraged, stirred, and even had fellowship with women through blogs (and then emails) that I never would have known otherwise! What a gift indeed! Glad you are encouraged, sister!


  2. Josh and Dana

    I feel (and have felt) much of that with you, Kelly. It sounds like I need to poke around in this crazy little blog world and find some of these encouraging posts…how do you find them? It’s sweet to hear of how the Lord has met you.


  3. Rebecca

    Oh, yay! Mike and I aren’t crazy! It’s not just us! I’d be curious as to what some of the things that you’re looking for in a church are. As we’ve talked to people and read about this topic, it turns out our whole generation and the one behind us is experiencing a huge dis-satisfaction with the American church as a whole. It will be interesting to say the least to see how the discomfort we feel now turns into radically changing the face of modern-day Christiandom. And we’re a part of it! Keep me posted on your hunting journey and remember you’re not alone! Love to you from Jersey. We would love to see you guys if you ever pass this way!


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