Leap Day Miscellania

  • Sometimes when I am out on my walk, listening to my iPod shuffle in the morning, I think, “Am I greeting people in a ‘headphone’ voice?” You know, the yelling voice that you don’t realize you’re doing?

  • Swimming lessons started this week. Nary a tear was shed. And there was great rejoicing in the land. Pictures to come.

  • Derek Webb-prompted conversation from the van yesterday:

Andrew, hearing song chorus, “I Hate Everything But You,”: “Is he talking about God?”
Mom: No, honey, I think he’s talking about his wife, Sandra McCracken.
Andrew: Oh. Is she home?
Mom: Um, I don’t think so because the song says, “Baby, come on home….”
Andrew: Maybe she went to the store.

One thought on “Leap Day Miscellania

  1. This reminds me of our listening to Rhiannon’s current favorite song, Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah.” She thinks the chorus is “Oh…MEE. Oh…MEE”anyway, Aisling wanted to know if “‘what you do to me’ was a good ‘what you do to me’ or a bad ‘what you do to me'”Which I thought showed great understanding of American music!


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