As I mentioned before, this weekend was packed!

Saturday morning, I threw Jonathan in the van and he helped me do our week’s grocery shopping. By the time we got home it was time for lunch, so I tried to quickly stash everything in its proper place before wolfing down some leftover soup.

Then I was off to Cooking Uptown for a cooking class which a friend had signed up for but was unable to attend. It was wild cooking fun! I never thought I would enjoy a carrot-ginger soup, but it was delicious.

I got home from there around 3:30 and then launched into my own cooking demo of sorts: preparing a meal for us and our friends Jason and Shawnda and their three kids. We enjoyed the food and fellowship until almost 10 that night. It felt really good to be cooking again! I have only recently had both the appetite and the energy to enjoy preparing food for people they way that I used to.

We dropped into bed, exhausted, and slept fitfully, thanks to Jonathan’s molars making an appearance. I think he and I only slept from about 1 until 6:30.

Then, on to Sunday…

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