Sunday, part I

So after church on Sunday morning, we drove down to Spartanburg, SC because we’d found out that Caedmon’s Call was having a concert there. We had wanted to attend the concert in Greenville on Friday night, but we decided that it would be a big time commitment for us and for a sitter. So we opted out.

But then I found an obscure link that publicized a concert in Spartanburg yesterday. Apparently the band couldn’t publicize it the way that they normally would because it was so close to the Greenville appearance. But…

It was at 4 p.m., and the tickets were only $5.00 apiece.

Um, yeah, we can do that. And so can the kids.

So we were off! The concert was held at Converse College, a women’s college in Spartanburg:

yes, quite lovely.

We got there about an hour before showtime, and the nice ladies working at the venue allowed us to save seats (in the front row!) and go outside to let the kids run around on the lawn.

First, we ran around the statue of Marian Anderson.

And then we ran around some trees.

Then there was some swordfighting.

Quick, Cameron, do something clever with your stick.

Now Andrew.
And Jonathan.

I don’t know where they get these ideas.

Hey, boys, it’s time to go inside. Boys?

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