Sunday, part II

So after all the running around, the kids were ready for a quick drink and a long rest. In seats in the front row. ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

Some pictures from the concert…

This is where Andy Osenga lives
And this is where Garrett Buell lives
Derek came out and opened with some of his solo stuff.
Derek + 12-string = a lot

My favorite part was watching the kids watching πŸ™‚

Jonathan was either clapping or doing this

This is the first time we’ve seen Caedmon’s with the addition of Andy O. When they sang “Expectations,” the four vocalists took it to another level.
Danielle sounded great as always. They sang a ton of OLD stuff, which excited David and I but unfortunately confused most of the young ‘uns there. I realized I’ve been listening to this band for twelve years…almost half my life.

One of the many Osenga guitars



Interesting percussion, the backbone of every Caedmon’s song

As the concert was heading into the homestretch, Andy did some of his solo stuff. Unfortunately, at this time, the sound started doing some funky stuff. The house feed would completely give out occasionally. He persevered, but in the middle of his song, “Kara,” it happened again, so…

he pulled the plug on himself, came out on the apron of the stage, and finished up unplugged.
It was great!

After the show, we met Cliff and Andy, and the band gave the kids the drumsticks that they’d used during the show. Todd signed them. πŸ™‚

And naturally, on the way home, there was more swordfighting.

One thought on “Sunday, part II

  1. Greenville was a great show, for a great cause, with a video appearance by John Piper and everything. Still, I can’t imagine it was as good as it would have been if the 7 of you Kellers were there. I’m glad you all got to go Sunday.


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