What a Weekend!

We had an incredibly busy but very wonderful weekend. I’ll be posting about it this afternoon, if I can drag myself away from the 70-degree day outside (wait a second…we have wireless…).

In the meantime, I wanted to share that I was very encouraged by this article about Victoria’s Secret realizing that they have gone “too sexy.” I hope that those mannequins draped over the window displays are gone soon. For now, I will continue to talk excitedly about whatever is on the other side of the mall so that my sons look the other way.

HT: MommyLife

2 Responses to “What a Weekend!”

  1. Amber Benton

    We just experienced that ‘display’ at the mall for the first time this week. Ummmmm… is it too far to walk all the way around the mall to get to Bass Pro and Starbucks from the other direction? The boys were oblivious this time, but next time will be taking the long way around!!


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