With a week to go

…before the ultrasound, the poll is showing 18-15 in favor of a girl, with 11 people who think they’re comedians.

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  1. Michaelanne

    Kelly! I’m so embarrassed to just now find out! let’s talk soon. i had no idea you were pregnant! your life… love you girl.


  2. Kelly

    I don’t speculate :-)There’s no way I could really know, and when I hear an expecting mom speculate, it sounds to me like she’s saying what she wants instead of what she thinks.


  3. Kelly

    OH! But let me add that there’s no way I have twins. The doctors would have picked up on that by now. I know this because at 10 weeks they thought Cameron was a twin, so they took me in for an ultrasound immediately. Turns out he was just a big 10-week baby in utero!


  4. Melanie

    OK, so what do you WANT? I know the common answer is that all you want is a healthy baby. And, hands down, that’s the best answer. But, there must be a littl inkling of what you WANT. Or, are you keeping that on the down-low?


  5. Kelly

    I find it’s much easier to cultivate contentment if I don’t think about what I want 🙂


  6. Josh and Dana

    Hmmm…this is interesting. I’m a speculator. But, only because it keeps me occupied while I’m waiting (I realize that keeping occupied is not a struggle for you). And it also has to be followed with a very quick self-given reminder that whatever it is, it’s a gift. So, while you’re not speculating, I’m speculating for you all while having great balance and contentment, of course 🙂


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