With a week to go

…before the ultrasound, the poll is showing 18-15 in favor of a girl, with 11 people who think they’re comedians.

10 thoughts on “With a week to go

  1. I don’t speculate :-)There’s no way I could really know, and when I hear an expecting mom speculate, it sounds to me like she’s saying what she wants instead of what she thinks.


  2. OH! But let me add that there’s no way I have twins. The doctors would have picked up on that by now. I know this because at 10 weeks they thought Cameron was a twin, so they took me in for an ultrasound immediately. Turns out he was just a big 10-week baby in utero!


  3. OK, so what do you WANT? I know the common answer is that all you want is a healthy baby. And, hands down, that’s the best answer. But, there must be a littl inkling of what you WANT. Or, are you keeping that on the down-low?


  4. Hmmm…this is interesting. I’m a speculator. But, only because it keeps me occupied while I’m waiting (I realize that keeping occupied is not a struggle for you). And it also has to be followed with a very quick self-given reminder that whatever it is, it’s a gift. So, while you’re not speculating, I’m speculating for you all while having great balance and contentment, of course 🙂


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