What Can Wash Away My Sin?

For the past week or so at lunchtime, we’ve been learning a new “passion hymn.” I’m using the book and CD linked here.

So far we’ve learned “All Glory, Laud and Honor,” “What Can Wash Away My Sins?,” “Man of Sorrows,” and “The Old Rugged Cross.”

The favorite — by a long shot — so far has been “What Can Wash Away My Sins?”. It’s the most repetitive, so even Jonathan is getting the hang of it, and it contains a lot of visual lyrics, which appeals to the older boys.

Here’s a picture I came across this morning as I was tidying up the schoolroom:

That’s Cameron pouring Jesus’ blood on the fiery sin. And he’s saying “yep” while he’s doing it.

5 Responses to “What Can Wash Away My Sin?”

  1. Shawnda

    That’s one of Samuel and Keziah’s faves too!That pic is AWESOME!!!! Fruit, fruit, fruit! Praise the LORD!


  2. Rachel

    Isn’t it wonderful to see children embracing the truth of the gospel. Terrific, we’ll have to check out that music.


  3. Melanie

    I love what you share about your kids. It’s so promising to see Jesus reflected through the mouth of babes!!! Thanks for linking that book. Please share others that you recommend for the kiddos.


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