What is it?


Everyone pick yourselves up off the floor now. 🙂

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  1. Scotty and Lisa

    Wow!!! How exciting Kelly! She’s gonna have so many big brothers to take care of her and I’m sure she could still complete the basketball team… I’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet her!


  2. Rachel

    Congratulations !!! Wow, I bet you didn’t think it would be a girl. We have 3 girls and somehow it never occurs to me that babies come in blue 🙂 How special for her to have lots of big brothers, she’ll love it.


  3. Nicole

    I am so thrilled for you guys! (just want to say that I would have been JUST as thrilled if it was a boy!) But a GIRL!!! Who would have thought it?!?! She will have plenty of protection! David won’t have to screen any boys, her brothers will do it! And like Lisa said, she should be able to complete that basketball team of yours…no problem!! YAY!!! BRING ON THE PINK!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Melanie

    I knew you guys could do it!!! :-)Congrats, Kelly. I know that this little girl will steal David’s heart and that she’ll be extremely protected by her big brothers. You’ll love having a “her”. Oh, I’m so happy for you both.


  5. Aileen

    What a riot! I must admit, I had voted for a boy with the odds in my favor. Congratulations on the new baby!Aileen


  6. Shawnda

    Ahhhhhh! What a gift to those boys!!!! : ) They don’t know it yet, but it’ll be GOOD for them in the long haul! : ) And I have both, so I can say that you are in for a VERY sweet surprise! : ) (NOT THAT BOYS AREN’T GREAT….indeed they are……just in different ways!) ; )Congrats!Oh……guess that means you have a lot of changes to make…!!! : )


  7. Sarah

    get ready for the screaming and drama!!!!! no, girls are great and their Daddys LOVE them!


  8. Jessica

    How exciting and wonderful for you guys! So far I am finding that the pinks are very different from the blues…although you definitely have a better range of experience on the blue side of the spectrum than I do!Too bad all of the unsolicited comments from the well-meanies will have to change focus from the gender issue…good for you keeping them on their toes! 😉


  9. Anonymous

    Wow! I’m still picking my jaw up … but what a fun surprise! Thanks for the pictures – your little Kellerette has adorable feet! 🙂 Congratulations!Martha


  10. Beth

    Congratulations, Kelly! I’m thrilled for you and David. It’s nice to have at least one girl in the mix! And that’s what I voted for, in hopes for you to have a daughter to share different things with than you do your sons.


  11. Albert

    For the record, I love your boys…and I kinda hoped it would be a girl. Give thanks to God for His wonderful gift!


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