Ethical Dilemma

Is it wrong to park in the “expectant mothers” parking space if you buy beer at the grocery store? Do you have to turn in your pregnant-lady card if you purchase alcohol?

I’m not planning to drink it, but I thought my husband might like a beer on St. Patrick’s Day….

One thought on “Ethical Dilemma

  1. You are too funny – that thought wouldn’t have even crossed my mind! But what I DO think is “wrong” is when you park there and you just found out you are preg!!! Come on! There’s a REASON for those parking spots, and it’s for women who at least SHOWING some baby! : ) Ya know…the ladies who have like 4 kids and has some belly, and trying to make it from the grocery store to the parking lot is EXHAUSTING….yep those are the people those places are reserved for : )


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