Resurrection Gardens

This is a fun activity we did a couple of years ago during Holy Week. My friend Shawnda emailed me to ask for the specifics, and she has inspired me to do it again this year.

Here’s the list of stuff you’ll need for each garden:

1 square foil (disposable) baking pan (usually they’re 8×8 or 9×9)
potting soil (enough to fill the pan)
some sort of seedlings…we used pansies, I think, and some green plants. Just get stuff that you can replant outside so you don’t waste 🙂
modeling clay (or make your own) that hardens, either overnight or in the oven
grey paint, if your clay isn’t grey
little stones/natural objects you might find around the house that the kids would want in their “gardens”

We formed and baked our tombs (make a tomb shape and then a separate stone to seal it) on Thursday, and then painted them Friday and planted the gardens that night, arranging the flowers and greenery around the (closed) tombs. Then on Saturday night, before we went to bed, I opened the tombs so they could see it was empty when they woke up.

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