Yesterday at lunch I worked through the NCAA tournament bracket four times, asking the boys what their chosen teams were. The logic they use is always entertaining.

For example:

  • Xavier sounds like “Savior.”
  • San Diego sounds like “Andy Osenga.”
  • Georgetown sounds like “George Washington.” (this one served Jonathan well…he has them going deep)

Ben’s South region (upper right) boggles the mind. He consistently picked the lower-ranked team in each first-round game. Eventually, in Ben’s world, Temple upsets Cornell to advance to the final four.

Austin Peay (#16 in the South region) was a very popular choice, as was Siena (#13 in the Midwest). I think that might have something to do with the fact that our van is a Toyota Sienna.

The Final results:

  • Cameron has USC beating Duke 95-76
  • Ben has Temple beating George Mason 85-70
  • Andrew has Indiana beating Pitt 19-15
  • Jonathan has Stanford beating Washington State with no final score, because no matter how hard I tried I could only get him to say, “They play basketball like DIS (slams the table).”

You heard it here first!

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  1. Oh, I didn’t try the girls online. As I’m pretty sure they’re even vague about which sport it is, I’m not sure we could get anywhere. I’m with Mom on the USC band, though!


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