Yesterday at lunch I worked through the NCAA tournament bracket four times, asking the boys what their chosen teams were. The logic they use is always entertaining.

For example:

  • Xavier sounds like “Savior.”
  • San Diego sounds like “Andy Osenga.”
  • Georgetown sounds like “George Washington.” (this one served Jonathan well…he has them going deep)

Ben’s South region (upper right) boggles the mind. He consistently picked the lower-ranked team in each first-round game. Eventually, in Ben’s world, Temple upsets Cornell to advance to the final four.

Austin Peay (#16 in the South region) was a very popular choice, as was Siena (#13 in the Midwest). I think that might have something to do with the fact that our van is a Toyota Sienna.

The Final results:

  • Cameron has USC beating Duke 95-76
  • Ben has Temple beating George Mason 85-70
  • Andrew has Indiana beating Pitt 19-15
  • Jonathan has Stanford beating Washington State with no final score, because no matter how hard I tried I could only get him to say, “They play basketball like DIS (slams the table).”

You heard it here first!

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