You Will Excuse Me while I Live-blog Masterpiece Theatre

Oh, I do love Emma. And I am just a tad excited that The Complete Jane Austen has returned to Sunday nights.

So if you find this boring, just come back tomorrow. Those of you who are mildly obsessed like me — and I know you’re out there — read on, and comment as needed.

Starting with the chicken theft was a little weird (am I watching the right movie??!!), but I like the connection to the departure of Miss Taylor.

“Marriage is very upsetting to one’s social circle.” Not there. I missed it a little.

*sigh* Mr. Knightley is not Jeremy Northam. Trying to get over this.

Kate Beckinsale makes a pretty, youthful Emma to the more mature Mr. Knightley (truer to the book than the Hollywood version).

They’re singing a hymn!! Fun!!!

The older set (Miss Bates, Mrs. Bates, and Mr. Woodhouse) is wonderful so far. You really get the feeling that they’re mildly crazy and entertaining to the younger set.

I like how Harriet is slightly disheveled in contrast to the polished Emma. Harriet is cute and wide-eyed in a very believable way.

Emma and Mr. Knightley arguing about Harriet’s refusal of Robert Martin: he seems a little too angry…he’s actually raising his voice…that seems a bit over-the-top…. Oh, but a good make-up scene, with the baby and the warmness.

Am I the only one that thinks that this actor portraying Mr. Elton looks a little like Colin Firth in P&P?

I like Mrs. Weston and Mr. Knightley talking about Emma behind her back. “You know she is an excellent creature.” 🙂

ACK! The picture’s talking!! At this point I have a flashback to Colin Firth talking out of Jennifer Ehle’s mirror: “You must allow me to declare how ardently I admire and love you.” Apparently Andrew Davies is a fan of the extra-terrestrial disembodied-head suitor.

HA! She’s so freaked out by Mr. Elton’s declaration!!! Great job, Kate!!

I don’t think Jane is pretty enough to be a threat to Emma. They have her hair so plainly done.

Wow, this Miss Bates is really good at the prattling on. I didn’t think anyone could do it as well as the other lady, but wow. I was completely bored.

The explanation of the tenant farmer system with Mr. Knightley’s estate was a helpful addition. I didn’t really grasp that the first time I read the book.

Wow, Frank Churchill. He’s so pretty, he must be bad news. Never trust a man with better hair than you, that’s what I say.

OK…phone call…so I have no comment on the ball-planning scene. Or the two scenes following. Or the one after that.

OK…party scene with all the pianoforte playing. Mr. Knightley is portrayed as more blunt in this version; he minces no words with Emma or anyone else. He also intervenes directly on behalf of Jane Fairfax’s poor voice instead of cuing Miss Bates to do so.

Is Mrs. Elton the same lady as Mrs. Hurst in P&P? (yes) Well done with all the gaudy jewelry.

I miss the scenes from the other movie showing Emma being benevolent to their poorer neighbors.

Ball scene…well done all around. No comment there, really, except it’s nice to see Mr. Knightley smile. Sadly, smiling did not turn him into Jeremy Northam.

The romantic fantasies are cute. They’re getting a little tiresome though.

Strawberry picking at Donwell Abbey…Sweet that Mr. Knightley talks about his future wife inviting people to his home. And I’m always up for seeing Mrs. Elton put in her place.

Box Hill…goodness, what a production with all the tents and tables. And the pivotal Emma blunder in humiliating Miss Bates. Great exchange with the bawling out of Emma by Knightley.

Anything that Knightley can bring to John and Isabella? “…besides the laugh which no one carries.” Darling. Sweet.

Oh, I do love the scene with him leaving. He’s so happy that she went to the Bates’ to apologize, and she’s so sad that he’s leaving with things so awkward between them.

Kate Beckinsale is a good cryer. She also cries a lot in “Much Ado About Nothing.” I wonder if she cries in that vampire flick.

Knightley’s back…his anger at Frank is excellent. Her puzzled expression at his declaration is perfect. A bit creepy with the “I held you in my arms when you were six weeks old…” thing. That’s cradle robbing for ya.

Cute scene with them telling Mr. Woodhouse.

I like the harvest dinner scene. It shows that Knightley does not think of himself as above his tenants…and what an honor to be toasted by an entire room of your fiance’s friends!

Happy Ending.

And…we’re back to the chickens. Another woman stolen away.

And a teaser for the new S&S…oh my!!! SWORDFIGHTING!! That’s quite exciting!!

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