Resurrection Sunday

I always enjoy redecorating the mantle for the season…it’s so much lighter compared to my usual fall/winter display.
Eagerly waiting to open his gifts
You can’t tell, but he has chocolate in his mouth
This is how the boys’ gardens looked when they came downstairs Sunday morning
All-natural snacks were consumed
Look at the handsome men I went to church with!! (and be sure to look closely at Jonathan’s face…it cracks me up)
Flowers for the hostess…we usually have a houseful on Easter Sunday, but since we were expecting family later in the day, we kept it to just us and our brother Tom, who brought me these pretty sunflowers

7 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday

  1. Kelly – what a handsome bunch you have. You look like a very proud wife/mother. Beautiful mantle, too. I’d like to have seasonal pictures for my mantle as well, though there are many other things on the “list” before that…


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