Who Says What’s Christian Music?

I was so happy to see Square Peg Jeremy Casella quoted in this article. It speaks of what some artists call “The Jesus Factor,” which has driven many talented artists out of the “mainstream” CCM market. A quote:

We must understand that we have created our own sub-culture which runs by its own rules. Just because something may be purchased at a Christian bookstore does not mean it may be trusted. Conversely, just because something may not be purchased at the same store does not mean the people behind it are not glorifying God in what they do…. We must gently teach Christian truth that not only affects the heart, but also the head. We must teach discernment, something sorely lacking in our day and age.

The timing of this article is perfect to me…this morning in the shower David was singing (sorry to out you, honey) a song from Natalie Merchant’s Ophelia album, which was released about ten years ago. The album contains two songs that more vividly and artistically describe the fallen state of man and the crucifixion of Christ than any Christian artist I’ve ever heard.

HT: Challies

One thought on “Who Says What’s Christian Music?

  1. Ok – I’ve been trying to think a bit about this lately. As a regular gym-goer now, I have the chance to listen to more (some?) music. With that has come some uneasy feelings over some of what I’m listening to. So I stopped and asked myself why I was feeling bad about liking some of the music I’m listening to.What it mostly came down to was that there wasn’t a single track of “Christian” music. But then I stepped back and asked myself what I meant by “Christian”. My definition was too narrow. Christianity, as summarized in Scripture, is True. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. But that doesn’t mean anyone “outside the camp” can’t know what is True (Romans 1!) or at least echo it. And what I like about these (ahem) “secular” songs is that the echoes come flying out at times. I shouldn’t feel uneasy about this; in fact I should enjoy it.Coupling this with the fact that, sadly, the majority of Christian music just isn’t up to the level of a Natalie Merchant or what I’m listening to, and you’ve got this guy sticking with the echoes (or outright references to Truth) until I can add to my collection. Whether “Christian” or not…


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