Your Opinion/Input Needed. Snide Remarks/Sarcasm you may keep to yourself.

So here’s a brief outline of something we’re pondering right now.

In the spirit of true American consumerism, David and I have a GIANT master suite in our house. It’s big. And the bathroom has a garden tub, two sinks, a water closet, and a huge walk-in closet.

(side note…maybe someday I will blog on the teeny common areas versus the giant bedrooms in new homes today and what that says about people wanting to be together)

In addition to that, we have three other bedrooms upstairs: two are dedicated to the boys right now (two sets of bunks, one in each room), and one is a guest room.

We have pondered adding a room upstairs, over our living room (which if you haven’t been in our house is a little hard to picture, but take my word for it), but now it appears that doing that may entail more than we were originally up for, time wise and money wise. We haven’t officially decided against that yet — we have one more contractor to talk with first — but it seems like it might be more trouble than we originally thought.

Now, you must know something about me. I am incredibly attached to the idea of a guest room. I love being able to say to people, “hey, if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom with little boys, we have a spot for you.” Just two weeks ago, we were able to host a young lady who’s dating one of David’s coworkers and needed a place to crash. It was sweet to be able to get to know both of them better over muffins and tea in the mornings. It’s also nice to say to babysitters that they can stay here if we’re going to be late. And we have a lot of family that comes in and out for visits.

So getting rid of the guest room is a last resort for me. Even when we were in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in Northern California, we had a double bed set up in the boys’ room with them. It’s pretty important to us.

But we have a little girl coming at the end of the summer, and eventually we’d like her to not have to share a room with her brothers.

So we’re thinking about putting all the boys in the master bedroom. Four in a big room, dormitory-style. Two sets of bunk beds in one room, and they’d have lots of room to spare.

Pros, as I see them: hanging on to the guest room. A bigger bathroom for them all to crowd into at bedtime, so it’s not four people clamoring for a single sink in a tiny bathroom (they already shower and bathe in our bathroom the majority of the time). Setting up a laundry-sorting system in their closet, because there’s enough room for a sorter in the big closet. And it just seems to make more sense, number-wise…two people in a smaller room, four people in a bigger room. And we could probably put some of the current toy nightmare that occupies the schoolroom in the bedroom, leaving more room for school.

Cons, as I see them: I would miss the closet. Potential for extreme rowdiness at bedtime with the number of children in the room doubled. Possible claustrophobia in a smaller bedroom and bathroom for us. (though we don’t really spend that much time in our bedroom)

The other option would be converting the guest room into our little girl’s room, and eventually having her sleep in a double bed when she gets out of her crib. Although, at first blush, that smacks so much of “princess” it makes me cringe.

What am I not thinking of? What have I left out? Will we regret this if we try it?

11 Responses to “Your Opinion/Input Needed. Snide Remarks/Sarcasm you may keep to yourself.”

  1. Rebecca

    I think it’s a great idea. The boys will adjust to living together, I’m sure, the new-ness of being together will wear off. And having all that space for them just makes sense. I love that you love to keep a guest room, that’s important to us, too, so I would encourage you in doing whatever you can do to keep that. And you and David being willing to give up that space to me just shows your priorities, and that’s cool. To be commended. Now, I’m sure those that have children, especially those with large families, will be able to give you more insight into if it will really work out! But I say, go for it!


  2. Melanie

    I think it is a great idea to put the boys in the larger bedroom. I guess my question is do you trust the younger boys around the bathroom? Faucets and toilets grab the attetion of my little girl and I wouldn’t want you all to experience high water bills or a toy-clogged toilet.My suggestion is that you give it a try before Miss Violet comes along. If it doesn’t work out, you can always rearrange things back to where they were.Another suggestion, but I don’t know what you’ll think about it…my cousin is pregnant with her 2nd and they live in a 2bd. house. They’re converting their huge master closet into the baby’s nursery until they can add an addition to the house. In the meantime, some of their clothes still live there, but they are temporarily using another closet. And about a little girl getting a double bed…I honestly don’t see anything princess about that. I’d rather by a double than a twin! Mallory will be getting a double…and so will Ethan. Well, that is the plan for now…If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.


  3. Nicole

    I don’t know if we talked about this or not…what about putting a door on the downstairs study and making it a bedroom? The two older boys could move downstairs. You could move all the bookshelves into your bedroom (like our current Master right now) and move the desktop computer to the school room. If you don’t like that idea, then I say go ahead and put all 4 boys in your master. If it doesn’t work out, you can always move them back!!


  4. Shawnda

    I think it’s a FAB idea! We’ve talked about that some as our family grows…though our master right now is not that much bigger than our kids rooms! : ) But…we know a family that does that, and it’s worked out GREAT for them! They have 2 bunk beds in the master bedroom (one that is 3 tier) with 5 girls. And one son in the 2nd bedroom. And the parents take the 3rd bedroom. There’s only 3 bedrooms, so they don’t have the guest option : ) But it works really well for them!


  5. Melissa Winchell

    Just catching up on your blog…LOVED the family photo at Easter…it’s always so good to see you. 🙂 I also love the idea of giving the master bedroom to the boys…we have thought similarly about these issues, as we are hoping to downsize this summer to a multi-family and live “apartment-style” with a family that will continue to grow (foster kids? babies? who knows?). Truly, in our culture, we ARE blessed with more space than we need, and we I think there is something to be said for a contented approach in trying to make it work. Kudos to you for trying to do just that. Love me


  6. Beth

    We’ve thought about doing that, but since our at home population is shrinking rather than growing, I am going to get a guest room by attrition rather than turning over my bedroom to the boys. But when we were in Cameroon, out of necessity, all five boys slept in the same room. It was probably less than half the size of your master bedroom and we squeezed two bunk bed sets and a single bed in. We didn’t have many clothes so a single dresser sufficed. It worked out great!Here’s another plus to having a smaller bedroom for you and David. You know how they always say to make a more relaxing and romantic bedroom, just make it a bedroom and not an office or exercise room or sewing room. Well, big master bedrooms invite clutter. A smaller one could be very lovely and romantic and restful. You might just really like that. And smaller closet space encourages fewer clothes. You might just find you are simplifying in lots of ways!And no construction mess, either.


  7. Melanie

    Have you thought about converting your garage? I know, I know…storage! But, it would be easy. And easy to un-convert when trying to sell…in the distant future.


  8. Sarah

    I am big fan of all boys in one room… as previously said the newness will wear off. I love having a cozy bedroom for Kevin and I since we never spend time in there… And the princess factor? Well, she will be put in her place when guest arrive and she has to sleep on the floor or couch…that’s the arrangement I had most of my childhood… It worked!


  9. Joy

    I do like Nicole’s downstairs study idea, which we hadn’t talked about before. The previous owners of our house used the study as a bedroom. Or it could be a study/guest bedroom with a futon.


  10. Nicole

    I thought I left this comment already, but it seems to have gotten lost in cyberworld…I love even more Joy’s idea of making the study into a study/guest room. Very rarely will your guests go to bed before you do, so the noise/light from the living room shouldn’t bother them, as it might the boys. I would put French doors on the room and leave them open when you don’t have guests. Instead of a futon, I would do a Daybed with a trundle.Have you guys decided what you’re going to do?


  11. Mom Kerr

    Hi,We did that for our girls in Holden – gave up our master on the second floor for 2 of the girls. It’s a good idea if they will sleep at night. I’m so happy to hear you are having a girl. Girls are wonderful!Love to you and yours.Debbie


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