Two Simple Additions

In the past month or two we made two little additions to our trash routine:

  1. Instead of stacking up our recyclables in the one bin provided to us by the city, we acquired another one, after my friend Joanne told me that they were free for the taking at the local library. One bin now resides in the kitchen and gets full pretty quickly! I was pretty good about recycling before, but sometimes out of sheer laziness I would just throw things out that could be recycled because I didn’t feel like walking to the garage.
  2. Two weeks ago David built a compost bin for me in the woods behind our house. The bin has been the happy recipient of fruit and veggie scraps, eggshells, weeds, grass clippings, and even the leftover hair from the boys’ pre-Easter haircuts.

What does this mean for our trash output? Well, this afternoon when I took the trashcan out, it only contained three bags of trash. Three bags! For six people for a week, and one wears diapers!

Just wanted to brag a little… 🙂

One thought on “Two Simple Additions

  1. oh wow! I didn’t know that you could get a recycle tub at the library!!! I’ve wondered about that!!! We need to do that : ) I definitely need to be more faithful in recycling!!!


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