People are More Important Than Things

This is what I recited to myself as I swept up the remains of my beloved Bennington pottery batter bowl after lunch today. I try to make everyday use of some of the nice things I have so that the boys have the pleasure of being served on nice-looking dishes from time to time. This bowl was used daily (frequently multiple times a day), and now it is no more. I guess that’s the risk I’m taking using my nice things.

The good news? I paid about a third of its retail price because I bought it at Building #19.

People are more important than things, and I’m thankful that no one was cut by a shard of stoneware as it flew through the air under the table!

Now, off to shop for a replacement…

4 Responses to “People are More Important Than Things”

  1. Anonymous

    Be encouraged. God is honored by your choices and your behavior.Many Bennington bowls await you in Glory.And the values you show the boys will have an impact on humanity for generations. Rember these things are “caught” not “taught”.I am proud of you.Dad


  2. Beth

    Oh, how sad! But you are so right to remind yourself that people are more important than things. I’ve had to say those words several times when favorite ceramic mugs have gone crashing to the floor. As the guilty party looks to see what I’m going to do I have had to say, more than once, “It’s just a mug.”Hey, I just thought, if you want Erin to look for a replacement bowl for you at Bennington pottery, I can bring it back to you when we go up in May! She’s only 20 minutes from there…let me know.


  3. Shawnda

    Oh, so sorry! I haven’t ever heard of those, but it looks nice! And that store looks so interesting! But it makes sense that I’d never heard of it looking at their locations : ) I like what your dad says : ) So sweet!!!


  4. Gramma OC

    Oh, no. Bowls in heaven. I have a friend who always insisited there will be no dirty dishes in heaven so all the bowls will be clean. and I say let Erin get one . They have a seconds room!!


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