The transition has begun…

Our upstairs is a complete wreck, but the moving around has started. The boys’ beds are up in the master BR, and we are in the midst of creating a little reading corner in there for them. It’s quite cozy.

The more we “grow into” this option, the more it makes sense to me. Last night the boys were brushing their teeth, clamoring for a spot at the sink as usual, and it was so nice to say, “Look, Cam, you can use that sink,” and over he went. Aaahh. A little more peace at bedtime.

It’s also making us “hurry up” some painting jobs…last night we went to Lowes’ and bought paint for the (new) Master bedroom, because we’d rather not set up camp in a room that’s colonial blue with stenciling on the wall. It’ll be nice to be in a more finished room ourselves…that has been the last priority since we got here, and we’re finally settling down and doing it while everything else is topsy-turvy. I think after that we’ll tackle the hall bath, which right now is bright yellow with duckies…not exactly ideal for a bathroom that will be mostly used by adults!

So if the blog is kind of quiet for the next few days, that’s why. I’m trying to remember what room my clothes are in and where the kids’ shoes are….

6 Responses to “The transition has begun…”

  1. cascadingwaters

    A reading nook? Sounds great! What color is the new master bedroom? Will all of your furniture fit there? And doesn’t this mean that you have to repaint the fun starry room?


  2. Nicole

    I’ve been wondering what you decided to do. Can’t wait to see all the changes!!


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