Worth Noting

My, how the goodwill is flowing now that Boston has those pretty rings on!

From Extra Bases:

Bill Buckner just walked from the Green Monster out to the mound. As soon as he was spotted, the crowd stood and gave him a standing ovation. He came all the way to the mound, where he stopped and the crowd continued to cheer.

Buckner threw the ball to Dwight Evans at home plate, and when Evans caught it (not a bad pitch, by the way), there was another big cheer.

Johnny Pesky then said “Play Ball.”

And now … baseball.

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4 Responses to “Worth Noting”

  1. Gramma OC

    can you believe the size of those rings!!. I loved the reception for Buckner. Boston fans are like no other.


  2. Pop

    The blogger’s point happens alot in 21st century America. Some of the 35,000 folk there no doubt are apt targets of his criticism. But he fails to understand what was happening for many others. It was reconcilliation and restoration of a guy undeservedly exiled 20 years ago. He was an outstanding player who drove in 102 runs in 1986 and belonged in the catagory of someone who got them there – not someone who denied them the win. Red Sox fans know the game like none other. So, for many, yesterday was not idol worship – it was welcome home for a prodical who had been forced from home.


  3. Kelly

    Dad, I don’t think his point was that Buckner was being worshiped. He was saying that because their god (the Sox) had come through for them not once but twice, the fans were OK covering over the blemishes that used to motivate them to make death threats.” It was during these hours leading up to and during the game that the Red Sox fan felt supreme. Their god seemed to be king and they were fine filling in and covering some historic blemishes with the current success. They were willing to forget 1986 because they have 2004 and 2007 championships.”


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