Because North Carolina Actually Matters This Year

Back in January, I heard a commentary on our local NPR station by a local woman who was bemoaning the fact that our primary is so late in the year here in NC. Essentially she was saying, “we don’t really matter, so why should I even bother getting interested?”.

I wonder what that woman is thinking now that May 6 seems to be of growing importance! Both Democratic candidates have been paying a bit more attention to our state recently. Visits from both candidates and their spouses are more frequent, and our airwaves are being filled with messages like this one:

She’s listening…because a random state primary at the beginning of May has never been so important….

2 Responses to “Because North Carolina Actually Matters This Year”

  1. Josh and Dana

    I’ve been frustrated and feeling like we don’t count as well, so thanks for posting this. I’ve also noticed more spouses hitting our area too! Maybe they are starting to listen to us and not just Penn.


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