I Wasn’t Expecting That

I wasn’t expecting it to be 35 degrees this morning when I went walking.

I wasn’t expecting the shower curtain, suspended by a tension rod, to come crashing down as I opened it before my shower.

I wasn’t expecting my children to take quite so long doing school today.

I wasn’t expecting to step on a cookie cutter (left on the floor by an eager helper) with my bare foot while preparing lunch.

I wasn’t expecting that the mountain of laundry would be quite so large…oh, who am I kidding. Of course I was expecting that.

I wasn’t expecting the lady to whom I sold some home school curriculum to be persnickety about an inside title page that contains exactly…zero information.

I wasn’t expecting to only be starting lunch at one o’clock.

I wasn’t expecting that the house would be this messy when there’s company coming in three hours.

No, I wasn’t expecting any of that…but everything’s on schedule

6 Responses to “I Wasn’t Expecting That”

  1. Shawnda

    Amen, sister. Praying for you : ) You can pray for me too as Jason’s away this week, and it’s always hard for me….but particularly hard this time. His plans, indeed, and I want to surrender to them….not fight against them, as I’m so tempted to do!!!


  2. Melanie

    I’m with you. Great post. It reminds me that we, as sisters in Christ, can raise each other up in prayer since we can so relate, in part, to each other. Thanks for being so God-focused in the midst of frustration. Praying for you!


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