God Works In Mysterious Ways, Sometimes Using craigslist.

Yesterday I put two items on craigslist, since we’re in the midst of more de-cluttering and organizing what with the room switch.

One item I was giving away (a toy that the kids no longer use, and Lord knows we have more than enough toys!), and one item I put up for sale: our treadmill. We bought the treadmill when we lived in the snowy north and I wanted to exercise for more than six months out of the year. But since we live in a milder climate now, both David and I work out outside all year long. Plus, if I have the urge to use a treadmill (not likely), we now belong to the YMCA.

The toy went rather quickly, and a lady came to pick it up in the late afternoon. But I didn’t get a nibble all day on the treadmill. Then around 5:30 I received this email:

My wife’s elliptical just broke and she would really like to get back to exercising. Would you be willing to sell your treadmill for $150. I have checked other sites and this seems fair. Same model sold on craigslist a week ago. I just would prefer to get her one rather than having to wait. She is due with the baby in a month and really wants to be in good shape when it comes.

We also live in the university area and have a friend with a truck, so we could pick it up any evening.



Jacob is a missionary we know from our old church. And his friend with the truck? He was on his way in that same truck to our house for dinner at 6:00.

We all had a good laugh about God’s providence over free internet classifieds, and we were able to give a couple in need a treadmill for free, only hours after they requested it from (they thought) a stranger.

What a funny blessing!!

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  1. Nicole

    🙂 As I was reading, I knew it was going to be Jacob! Karen and I talked about this on Saturday night. I had offered to let them borrow ours. I’m SO glad they were able to get one to keep!!


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