Happy Valentine’s Day to ME

Remember that post a few months back about the funny man in Lowe’s, who talked to me while we were checking out a slightly used gas range? A few days after that, David called me on his way home from work and told me that he would be late since he was going to buy said range for my Valentine’s Day present…if I still wanted it.

And I believe I exercised the self-restraint necessary to pause a nanosecond before replying, “OF COURSE I still want it!” Ever since we left California three and a half years ago, I have pined away for the mountaintop experience of cooking with gas.

OK, I guess I exaggerated there a bit…but I did miss it.

So this range sat over at Lowe’s for a while, and then sat in our garage for a while, until we finally got a gas line plumbed to the kitchen. And on Saturday, the great unveiling happened…

Behold the beautiful blue flame.

That’s David trying to be a “Price-is-Right” model.

To celebrate the stove’s homecoming, I bought this functional yet entertaining spoonrest from Signals. 🙂

Who says appliances aren’t the way to a woman’s heart?

4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day to ME”

  1. Scotty and Lisa

    I agree that gas is the way to go! I think I’ve done more cooking on gas than with electric, so I hardly remember what it was like before. Congrats on the beautiful stove!


  2. ReformedMommy

    My husband’s first Valentine’s Day present was a Cuisinart food processor. Given his love of homecooked pie I now wonder who the present was actually for… 🙂 But yep, nothing says true love like controlled flame!


  3. Rebecca

    I love the stove, there is nothing like cooking with gas…it’s so much more accurate. I also cracked up when I read your new spoon rest, it’s such classic Kelly Sue humour! I love it! (And promptly looked it up on the Signals site to possibly order it and got sidetracked by all the other cool junk on there and easily could have spent a few hundred dollars, so I was forced to close out the window without making a purchase at all.) 🙂 Happy cooking!


  4. Kelly

    Mmm, I do love that website. It’s a good one to bookmark for gift-giving. But the first time you get a shipment from them (and every time thereafter), you will get about ten different catalogs in the box. It’s crazy!


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