The boys often end conversations with superlatives referring to God or Jesus.

Typical example:
Boy #1: Wow, that truck is very powerful!
Boy #2: But God is more powerful than anything.

This morning I heard a new one…

Scene: Andrew and Jonathan setting the table for breakfast. (Before you start being impressed, please understand that this means Andrew puts the silverware down, and Jonathan follows him around the table, picking up each piece, putting fingerprints all over it, and then setting it down. Because breakfast isn’t breakfast without little boy fingerprints on your flatware.)

This morning Andrew decided that everyone needed to have knives (BUTTER knives, everyone! CALM DOWN!). There is a special knife in our collection, given to us by my grandmother for one of the boys’ births. It has a little flowery decorative pattern on it, and the kids call it “the plant” silverware. The plant knife. The plant fork. You get the idea. It is an honor to use the plant knife, especially.

Andrew was handing out the silverware, and gave himself the plant stuff (we have some ways to go on the whole “consider others better than yourself” thing). This is the conversation that transpired…

Andrew: I have the plant knife and you have a grownup knife!

(he’s a good little salesman, isn’t he?!)

Jonathan: Oh, I have this one? (picking it up)

Andrew: Yes, it’s very big.

Jonathan (obviously impressed): Ooooohhhh.

Andrew: But JESUS has bigger knives than ANYONE.

8 Responses to “Superlatives”

  1. Josh and Dana

    I totally agree. If someone’s gonna have big knives it should be God. Good thinking, little guy! So when is he running for office again?


  2. Rebecca

    And again…when are the Kellers going to write a parenting book? C’mon…seriously…you have plenty of free time!


  3. Amy Smith

    Are you sure you weren’t listening in on my boys?!?! They have the exact same conversations all the time! Too funny.


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