Recent TJ’s Finds

Recent Trader Joe’s finds…

  1. Trader Ming’s Soyaki sauce. I used this on a stir-fry last week. It was tasty and lacked that extreme saltiness that I dislike in soy sauce. No artificial preservatives, HFCS, etc. In the aisle with the spaghetti sauces and tapenades.
  2. Unsweetened baking chocolate. This was a little hard to find at first, because it doesn’t live with its baking friends, the flour and the chocolate chips. It’s over the frozen fruit, near the massive candy bars. And it’s NINETY NINE CENTS per 8 oz. package. That’s a great deal!
  3. White whole wheat flour. Where have you been all my life?! It’s the same nutritionally as regular (red) whole wheat flour, but made from a softer kind of wheat, so it rises a bit more eagerly and acts more like all-purpose flour.
  4. I almost forgot! My new favorite coffee is TJ’s Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend. YUM. SO good…one of those cases (I’m finding more and more frequently!) where organic really tastes SO MUCH BETTER. Apparently everyone on this side of Charlotte likes it too, though, because it’s frequently cleaned out when I’m there.

5 Responses to “Recent TJ’s Finds”

  1. michelle

    Used the Soyaki sauce myself tonight on some chicken breasts! So yummy!!! Almost like buying teriyaki (which is a fav of mine since moving to the pacific northwest!) Made it with some steamed broccoli and rice! Super yummy!


  2. Jessica

    Aren’t they wonderful! My favorite new find is their gluten free granola. So delicious in plain yogurt!!


  3. Shawnda

    Is white whole wheat flour REALLY the same??? I always have my doubts… I’ve never bought it!


  4. Kelly

    OK, Shawnda are you ready for my dumb answer?”The package says it’s the same.”Am I a sucker for marketing? I don’t know. I have a hard time believing that those nice people at King Arthur would lie to me. Maybe a little internet research would help….


  5. cascadingwaters

    I am sure that the people of KA would never lie to you. It’s that Vermont wholesomeness!I use their bittersweet and dark chocolate “more than a pound” bars for baking, instead of baking bars. It usually works out cheaper, and I love that stuff, anyway.Anyone got a package of shrimp they can check to see if it comes from Thailand? That AP article on the kids of 8 working slave wages for shrimp threw me off, there. I seem to recall it’s from the US, but I would like to know for sure. I want to know what they’re doing to their cows to make their yogurt (with no corn starch!) so cheap!


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